Simon’s Wine Craft Sauvignon Blanc


A classic Australian style of Sauvignon Blanc with complexity and texture. This wine has subtle tropical fruit flavours with hints on the Sauvignon Blanc herbaceous character. It has a crisp citrus finish. The wine spent 6 months aging on yeast lees and untoasted oak staves. This gave the wine some complexity with subtle creamy notes and texture.

Notes from the winemaker

Simon says; “The grapes were sourced from Orange. I used a yeast strain that brings out the tropical fruit flavours of Sauvignon Blanc and gives the wine texture. This wine was aged on yeast lees and untoasted French oak staves in a special plastic tank which is semi permeable to oxygen. These tanks mimic a barrel and help the aging and softening of the wine. Untoasted oak is used in wine to give it texture without the oak flavour and fermenting on oak helps it to integrate into the wine. The yeast lees breakdown under a process called autolysis and contribute to the texture of the wine. The pH of the wine is 3.20 which is on the low side for white winemaking. Having a low pH helps the wine to age and brings out more fresh fruit flavours”


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