Results from the NSW Small Winemakers Show

The team at Simall Wines is proud to announce our recent success at the NSW Small Winemakers Wine Show.The wine show is held in Forbes each year with entires open only to wineries that crush less than 500 tonnes of grapes from vineyards in New South Wales.Simall Wines...

Our 2017 Harvest

Our 2017 harvest is now behind us. It was an unusual year. We experienced lots of rain, a hot summer and a hail storm. We had to harvest some varieties early and others later.The 2017 harvest is now behind us.It was an unusual year with rain nearly every day in March,...
The secret of the ‘15% rule’

The secret of the ‘15% rule’

ost wine lovers are not aware that their favourite bottle of wine might not be made from 100% of grapes of that variety or blend!The secret in actionAustralian wine labelling laws allow winemakers to label wine as a single varietal as long as it contains more than 85%...
OAK BARRELS – French or American or European?

OAK BARRELS – French or American or European?

Why all the fuss?The most expensive wines in the world are produced with oak aging. It’s a crucial component in the world of fine wine where everything from type, size, age, grain and treatment of oak barrels greatly affects the finished wine. Aging wine in oak...
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